Why the Plastic Pancakes?

I love pancakes, so when a day comes around that you have an excuse to eat as many as you like, I am all for it! I’m not a religious person myself, but as a reminder, what many of us now call pancake day is actually a religous day observed by many Christians, a day to use up indulgent foods like eggs and dairy before the period of lent. Pancakes are, of course, an easy way to do this, and these days most people will have the ingredients readily available in their kitchen cupboards and fridge. In fact, the whole point and the reason behind making pancakes is that you should be clearing these common items from the shelves!

It was a bit of a puzzle to me then, that on the evening of ‘Pancake Day’ there were so many people queuing with plastic bottles filled with pre-made pancake mix. The shelves in the entrance were stacked with them, so that it was the first thing you see as you walk through the doors.

Just three ingredients and a bowl

Are we really so busy that we don’t have time to mix three simple ingredients into a batter? It takes minutes, literal minutes and all that you need is a bowl and a whisk. You could probably even manage it with a fork. I can understand when the idea of using every pan in your cupboard might not appeal after a long days work….Jamie Oliver, I’m looking at you here, but seriously, it is one bowl!!

Plus, it’s fun, and because it really is that easy, it is also a great activity to do with the kids if you have them.

So, please, if your are someone who found yourself queuing for pancake mix on Tuesday, next time, think about how you can ditch the plastic bottle, ditch the waste and have fun making plastic free pancakes instead!

Even with the traditional toppings of sugar, syrup and lemon, you can manage all of this without plastic.

For a great recipe that makes delicious crêpe style pancakes, try out this one by Delia Smith, it hasn’t failed me yet!

Have fun flipping!

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