Make a start

If you are new to the idea of reducing plastic waste and aren’t sure where to begin, the following pages should provide a good starting point. The posts contain only a few simple solutions so make sure you aren’t overloaded with information and advice, and you can choose where you want to begin, whether it’s in the home, at work or on the go!

Please note that I am making all of these recommendations based on my own experience, so if I am recommending a product, it is because I have tried it and I like it.The only time this isn’t the case is if a friend has recommended it, and I will always say if that’s the case. I don’t receive anything for making reviews or for sharing links but I like to think that part of this plastic free journey is sharing all the wonderful things you come across along the way, so don’t forget to share your ideas too!


2 thoughts on “Make a start

  1. Diane Purdey says:

    I watched a film on the making of tea bags the other day and was very surprised that plastic was used in the making of them. I brought a teapot at Christmas for my favourite Sri Lankan loose tea and before I realised about the normal tea bags I buy too. Today I purchased my usual daily tea in loose form too. So I am ditching tea bags for the good of the planet.

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    • eedutton says:

      Hi Diane, you are correct. I am yet to write about this (there are so many things to write about) but I have also began to do the same. Loose tea also uses far less energy to package! 😁what tea do you use?


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