It can paint a pretty bleak picture when we’re faced with the truths that ‘almost every single piece of plastic ever created still exists today‘ and ‘by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish’.

With facts like these finally making it to the headlines, many of us are asking ourselves how we could have buried our heads in the sand for so long.

As a species that shares this beautiful planet with so many others, that relies on our oceans for every second breath, can we finally shake the sand out of our ears and act on the issue of plastic production and plastic waste?

There will always be those who choose to bury their head in the sand, but I challenge anyone who does do to find a plastic free patch of beach to do it.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways that the fight against plastic can be tackled, and hopefully, one day won.

Practically Plastic Free is a place where I hope to educate further on the issue, but most importantly, on the solutions. The idea is simple, keep the solutions as practical as possible and encourage all efforts, no matter how small, in the fight against plastic waste.

So, it might be small site, a small blog and a small start, but hopefully over time the ripple can grow. All I ask is that you take a little time to read up on the issue, try out some of the solutions and above all, share your efforts, successful or not and be proud of the steps that you do take.