New to the plastic fight?

Plastic pollution has made its way into the headlines these past few months, and so if you have found yourself wondering what you can do to help, and you have found yourself here reading this, then I really hope I can help you in doing your bit to stem the plastic tide.

The ‘Make a Start‘ page should provide a good starting point to anyone who is unsure where to begin, and it may even offer a few nuggets of new advice to the plastic fighting veterans out there.

The page contains links to several articles, all designed to share just a few simple solutions, making sure you don’t feel too overwhelmed to begin with. Choose where you want to begin, whether it’s in the home, at work or on the go, and take from each page what you wish.

I hope you find the journey towards reducing plastic as rewarding as I have. Be prepared to feel frustrated, often, as you suddenly start to notice the mountain of plastic that lines the shelves, but don’t let it beat you down. Keep on making the good decisions when you can, share your efforts with friends and family, even on here if you can, and above all, feel good about it.

You are making a difference!

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