My first post

Plucking up the courage and, if i’m being honest, the energy, to start writing this blog has taken a lot longer than it probably should have, in fact I still don’t feel truly ready. We (the husband and I) have just moved into a new flat, all our money is going into the necessities that go with that, we are still missing half of our possessions and we are yet to really know our way around the local shops and suss out the local transport. Thinking of posting about trying to be plastic free, when at the moment our kitchen is half full of polystyrene and plastic packaging, seems a little embarrassing, however I reminded myself that the main purpose of this blog is not to preach about living a life completely void of plastic, it’s a place to discuss living with an awareness of plastic, understanding the pros and cons and trying to make a difference in as practical a way as possible.

Practically speaking, without owning a car to get around, having lots of money to spend or time to spare, filling a new flat without a hoard of plastic packaging is nigh on impossible. Does it make me happy? No, but I think it is also important to recognise that sometimes there really is only so much you can do and if you feel guilty every time you inevitably use plastic, well….you will probably just give up hope and that won’t help anybody.

I have plenty more to say, in fact I have a long list of notes on my experiences regarding plastic, compiled over the last few months and which will no doubt make their way on here, but for now I have yet more unpacking to do and a vacuum cleaner to pick up (cue more packaging :/).

In the meantime the “What’s it all about” article on my home page should explain more about the purpose of this site and blog and give you an idea of what is to come and some inspiration to get involved.


A long road ahead, but just look at the destination…

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